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Message From The President

It's hard to believe, but the Sonshine School of Evangelism is still growing. Many would not have given us a dollar for our chances for success. Many have questioned me, "Who would want to come to a school without a sports program or a gym (I mean Family Life Center)?" When one asks this question they have become so cynical that they believe no one wants to serve the risen Lord anymore. They believe that everyone is interested in accreditation and the art of making money. Instead, we are finding men who are dedicated to the Lord and are ready to give their lives in the service of the King.

I believe that many have forgotten that with our God All Things Are Possible. That is why this school is dedicated to Him. If our Lord is in this work it will not fail. Please understand, we are not in it to make a name for ourselves or money. As you can see by the cost of our tuition, that would be an impossibility! Instead, we are here to glorify and honor the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have been faithful and so has He. We are going to grow here, we already know that. Not because we have the best buildings, but because we have a heart for God and classes that challenge men to be the best they can be. You see, God won't settle for less.

We have had students come from as far away as New York and as close to home as Northern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We have been truly blessed by the talents of these men. This school has one purpose and one only and that is to train world changing evangelists. If you know of men interested in changing the world, we want them! If they are only interested in an easy job, then they need to go somewhere else. We are only interested in dedicated, holy living, sold out Christians.

We are praying that all that we do will be to the glory of God. If you are looking for a program to support we ask you to consider the Sonshine School Of Evangelism. We pledge to you, that we will give our best to train the best. Won't you please help us make a difference? And don't forget, send us men of integrity that will unashamedly preach the truth of God's Word!

Thank you,

Dr. James D. Spinnati

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